Review of Clan of Xymox’s Notes from the Underground

I can’t help but think that if this album came out ten years ago, it would have attracted thousands of Goths worldwide and swayed a lot of new listeners towards the Clan of Xymox. After many listens, I’m sad to say that there are only three brilliant songs on this album: Into Her Web (very lovely and slow), The Bitter Sweet (an electro-Goth anthem for the new century), and Something Wrong (lovely lovely lovely). The other songs are either awkward in their delivery or have already been done so much better by the Sisters of Mercy. The other nine tracks on this album are forgettable and as lazy as the title they chose for the album. I think what the Clan is banking on is their following and not attracting a larger audience.

In short, this album will leave your starving for more and aching with what this album could have been. Anyone looking for great Gothic should just check out IKON’s On the Edge of Forever (with Metropolis Records) or stick with the Sisters.

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© 2002 Richard Van Camp
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