Review of Epic Megagames’ Unreal

I wanted to put this up on my site because I love this game so much. I feel like I’m back in grade 7 climbing the gym rope and I’m getting the tingles every time I play! It’s so great, I’m replaying it—and this was after I wrapped Soldier of Fortune 2 and Jedi Knight: Outcast.

Besides the gorgeous setting of the game, what blew all of us away in the gaming community is the soundtrack for this game. It’s gorgeous. Straylight Productions put it out as a CD (The Unreal Soundtrack) but it is now completely out of stock. Can somebody send me a copy if they have it? I would be indebted to you forever, if you do.

Here is a review I wrote for the game that I posted all over the web.

Well, gang, it took me 16 days of continuous playing but I did it. I wrapped Epic Megagames’ Unreal. Can I just say how impressed I was with everything about this game? I used a Pentium III loaded with a Sound Blaster Live audio card and an ATI 128 Pro card. I would suggest no less for anyone who wants to enjoy this game at full capacity.

This is one of the best shooters I have ever played!

The story: You awaken from unconsciousness in your destroyed cell on a floating prison that has crash landed on a strange planet inhabited by the peaceful and telekinetic Nali who have been enslaved by an army of ruthless hunters. Unwittingly, as a prisoner no more, you become their only hope of killing their oppressors who come in all shapes and sizes. I have to tell you this is a beautiful planet inhabited by fierce creatures who learn very quickly how you hunt you down. The peaceful Naali do help you when they are not being tortured to death or being interrogated. They led me to secret passageways filled with new weapons, armor and ammo several times.

The best part of the game was taking on a huge Kraaken like figure called a Titan while at the same time trying to kill dozens of toady Krall foot-soldiers. What was supposed to be a terrifying showdown ended up being a hilarious spectacle as the soldiers and I ended up all running away from this Titan. We were friends for those precious seconds, yet when we were safely out of harm’s way, we turned on each other, only to keep on running when the Kraaken caught up to us. Very fun.

This Berzerker Rage of enemies killing other enemies happened several times throughout the game. I don’t know if the Artificial Intelligence backfired or if this was all part of the “kill or be killed” environment of Na Pali . In one battle sequence, I hid under the stairs with five Krall’s running behind me. I passed and stirred a sleeping Berzerker Skaarj who joined in the chase. I hid under some stairs and listened for what seemed like hours as the Berzerker killed all five Kralls for me. I ended up taking the wounded Berzerker out with my grenade launcher.

On top of the superb musical score and visuals were the immaculate weapons. I learned to love every weapon and its various capabilities. I used the Razor Jack (a Klingon-like rifle that shoots deadly blades) to shoot enemies around corners. Unfortunately, I ended up killing a few Nalis along the way. Sorry, boys! From the grenades of the 8-Ball Launcher to the Tarydium sludge fired from the GESBioRifle, you definitely have your pick of how to kill your hunters.

An interesting note: While playing Unreal, I was also playing Mononlith’s Blood 2: The Chosen and I think somebody somewhere sold somebody out as both games have essentially the same sniper rifle. Unreal calls theirs the “Assault Rifle” while Blood 2 calls theirs the “.50 BMG Sniper Rifle”. Both high caliber rifles have scopes that can be used to fold distance and “snipe” your enemies before they can see you. In both games, you can actually blow an opponent’s head off while watching the body trying to feel for where its melon used to be.

A quick note to all hardcore gamers: If you’ve wrapped Quake II’s Tank Commanders, you’ll have no problems taking out the various Unreal Lords along the way. While they’re big, ominous, and mean, you really only have to strafe while firing and you’ll get them (eventually).

As for common enemies, you’re up against Predator like Mercenaries who encase themselves with a liquid armor while firing missiles at you. You’re also up against Brutes who are walking mountains double-fisted with two arm-mounted cannons. One thing I appreciate is that not all of your opponents are in the instruction manual. They leave the more ruthless ones out of your guidebook.

Just a quick note: Unreal’s expansion pack “Return to Na Pali” is a severe let down. Best to pass on this one as nothing beats being disappointed. It was a rush-job-cash-grab with very little effort put into anything…

Uncle’s rating for Unreal: 10 out of 10.
Expansion pack: fuggedaboutit!

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