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Richard Van Camp

RVC's Picks for the Coolest Toys Ever!

So I woke up one morning and figured that if I could just find my Micronauts figure, Baron Karza, and his horse, Oberon, I could somehow reclaim my childhood, but I couldn't. Time and little brothers had destroyed my coveted toy collection. I figured that if I could get out there and haunt the "Collectibles" venues, I could find my beloved Baron Karza and Oberon (who used to take baths with me and accompany me to school in my lunch box) then maybe I could get on with my life.

But no dice.

What ended up happening was I discovered a global renaissance of toys out there for guys like me with a passion for detail, articulation, guns and plastic.

The euphoria of collecting has found me again!

Did I ever find my buddy The Baron and Oberon? Not yet. Strangely, nobody will just give me them for free. I can't figure it out.

So, now that I'm back in the game, here are my picks for the most incredible toys out there, both past and present.:

  1. Trigun's "Monev the Gale." If you like belt clips and mini-guns meant for helicopters mounted on wrists on one of the most articulated and detailed figures (that weighs like 5 pounds), then I think you'd really like Monev.

  2. Kaiyodo's Neon Genesis Evangelion Warriors Where were these guys when I was 12? The guns, the various hands, heads and weapons that you can interchange with are fabulous!

  3. Spawn Toys Thank you, Todd McFarlaine and your creative team, for saving the world from boring toys of mass-produced and cheaply made plastic. Your attention to detail and your imagination have made collecting a joy.

  4. Star Wars (the whole bloody lot of them!). I'm talking first generation (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, etc.), not anything with the new series. Can someone just send me their entire collection for free? Come on! I'd do it for you.

  5. GI Joes (until they started going neon with red and blue weapons). Yeah, so, anyone out there who just wants to give me their entire collection for free, that would be lovely. As they say back home, "Help a brother out, eh?"

  6. He-Man (when they first came out). Yeah, and if someone could just give me all of their He-Man figures, that would be nice too. I'm glad to see they're re-releasing a second generation for the new generation of kids and collectors out there. There really is hope out there for us all, after all.

  7. Britain war soldiers (1978) My "supposed" best buddy for life, Grant Sheppard, has the entire collection of Britain war soldiers because he grew up in Germany, yet I can't understand why he won't just give me his entire collection. Oh, he talks about his children and one day being able to pass on hundreds of glorious figurines, but, you know, I think they'd just trash them. So, Grant, if you read this, just give me your entire collection of Brit's, and we'll be true blue buddies for life. Serious!

  8. Micronaut's Baron Karza (black) and his horsey. Yes, my two little buddies that started it all. If anyone out there has them, please send them my way. It would be greatly appreciated. In fact, if anyone has any Micronauts they no longer love, there's a home right here that will.

Mahsi cho!

That's it!

© 2002 Richard Van Camp

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