Review of Diva Destruction's Exposing the Sickness

Anyone out there who loves Faith and the Muse, Siousxie and the Banshees, the Cranes and Big Hat is going to adore Diva Destruction. This album is a celebration of the very best of the gothic, darkwave and industrial movements all braided together. Each song on this album is an anthem. Laced with pain and beauty, there are so many epic dance songs here. Just listen to "Heathcliff", "Tempter", "My Sickness" or "The Dance Remix of Trees" (by Julian Beeston of Nitzer Ebb) and you'll be hooked for life! e liquids

The band, including Benn Ra, former member of Nation of Fear, provides the perfect guitars for singer/songwriter/programmer Debra Fogarty's voice for a blitzkrieg of sound. AntheM Mastrino, and Sharon Blackstone are the perfect bandmates and prove with this album that they have everything inside them to claim their rightful place next to the Sisters of Mercy and Siousxie on the Hierarchy of Gothic Royalty.

The lyrics in the hypnotic and condemning ballad "Forgotten" pretty much sum up the theme of the album: "How did you? How did you ever do it? Cause you Never Ever looked back. Cause you never thought to care ONCE!! Teach me your trick. Teach me your trick, teach me not to ever look back, teach me not to ever care. Teach me your trick, not to care." Exposing the Sickness digs up the dirt in every hostage love affair and it's no surprise that this album is dedicated to all the victims of mentally abusive relationships. Robert Smith of The Cure has chosen Diva Destruction for his top ten pick list on Winner of the "Best LA Goth Band" award by the Goth City News and voted as "Newcomers of the Year" by the readers from Orkus magazine (Germany), the band also headlined many large European festivals last year. What else do you need to know?

Buy this album! 5 out of 5 from the Gothaholic! For more information on Diva Destruction's Exposing the Sickness or their first album, Passion's Price , also available through Metropolis Records. For more information, check out: or the the Metropolis Records website.

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