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Pass This On by The Knife is the Best Video and Song of 2003! Download: 13.5 Mby

I discovered the video for The Knife's Pass this On video from their album Deep Cuts (Rabid Records) while in Rovaniemi, Finland on MTV2 on October 9th, 2003. Please download the video for free and witness the Best Video and Song of 2003! Even though it's only October, I'm going to take a stand and say that this is the best the year has to offer. It's directed by Johan Renck and will change your life!

To download the video, please go to The Knife's official site at: and look under "downloads." Double Click on Pass This On and erupt in bliss!

The casting is perfect. The setting is perfect. Everything about this video is perfect! There is character transformation and love blossoming before your eyes, and everything here is revealed through the lips of the players. Watch the lips! They betray all emotion and reveal so much of the plot. I love it!

Okay, here's the breakdown:

What we have here is a very beautiful woman getting ready to sing a song, but, upon further examination of the video, we see that it is a beautiful man (Rickard Engfors--the most famous and best drag artist in Sweden!) in a sensual green dress with matching blue pumps. Yayyy! A very gorgeous feline man with high cheek bones, and lovely lips and big beautiful eyes. Look at Rickard sway his hips and sweep his golden hair across his shoulders. And what wicked make up! I'm loving the Farah Fawcett hair. "Three's Company" all the way, eh!

Rickard dances around for a bit and the crowd doesn't look amused. That's a pretty Motley looking crew in what looks like the Legion afterhours, I guess. Since The Knife is Swedish, we'll have to assume there's a Legion over there-or is it talent night in Bulgaria, or what's the deal? One woman (who looks like she's got a little shine on) gets up and visits with her fellow Legionnaires while Rickard dances all alone, a dancing queen with only a dream, while the girl with the bug eyes (played by Karin Dreijer-one half of The Knife and Olof's sister!) reveals what everybody is thinking: "Who is this she-male and what does he think he's doing to our talent night?"

Look at Buddy in the corner. People are smoking. People are drinking. Good times, or no? People are blowing smoke out of their noses with their arms crossed. There's a suit guy there who looks Iranian; he looks a little irate. There's a couple other guys there whose body language looks a bit closed.

Rickard is dancing and he's beautiful and he's gorgeous and he's elegant and he's got those glow in the dark moves and those big earrings and blue eye shadow like the girls back home in grade six!

Oh! Eye contact between her and Buddy in the Blue Leather Jacket. It's Olof Dreijer-the other half of The Knife. And you know it's love at first sight. Nobody told Olof lust could hit so fast or feel so good. And there's a little bit of madness growing. And there's seagulls in a painting in the background (Mis-en-scene of freedom soaring in Olof's blood, hey!) and our dancing queen's caressing the mike like it's the only thing left on earth that matters but there's that girl with the bug eyes in the crowd who's totally kind of revolted but it totally doesn't matter because Rickard is happy and dancing.

Oh! Look at the dance between the eyes of Rickard and Olof. It's almost fatal, what they feel, and Olof breaks away from his pal in the white jacket. Buddy in the White Jacket just hates his friend now, hates Olof for approaching Rickard. Oh my God! Look at them. Look at Olof dance for Rickard! Look at Olof's smiling eyes. He is 100 percent alive right now. He just knows he has to do this. He can't hold back. Look at their lips. They' re puckered for each other. And it's a dance between the eyes and Olof starts to cut loose in that sensual wave kind of way like a bird that doesn't want to be tamed but knows he needs to get tamed (He's like Oh I love you for taming me but I hate you for taming me and I'm yours now forever oh I hate you! I hate you!).

Suddenly the whiskey in Buddy in the White Jacket's glass has turned sour. Oh! People now are starting to dance. Olof broke trail for everybody else to cut loose and one guy starts breakdancing and the ceiling and air fans in the room automatically turn to top speed because even they know a powderkeg of passion has just spilled from heaven above to everyone below and there's that guy in the suit with the big nose and even he's captivated.

And they're all dancing! Even the taxidermied birds on the walls know they did not die in vain if there was a night on earth allowed like this! We're kind of born knowing how to dance as babies and Rickard with The Knife's song made it possible to show the crowd how to dance as babies once again!

Buddy in the White Jacket starts to do a zombie shuffle, kind of like a death dance. He knows there's gonna be no tomorrow after a day like today and everybody starts to dance in the basement of this Legion and everybody's smiling. But look! There's like 30 people biting their lips and that's because they're holding back the love they have for each other and the love they have for humanity and everybody's praying that Arafat, Bush and Sharon will download this video and cut loose together.

But the girl with the bug eyes remains unchanged because there's always a part of humanity that's going to hold onto their shee-ot! And this is the greatest Video and Song of 2003. Hands down, baby!

Don't keep it on the hush-hush! Download it for free. Let everybody know! This is the video that can save humanity! It certainly saved me. Nobel Peace Prize for All Time, eh! It makes me dizzy with hunger and it reminds me of the love triangle between me and Caitlin and Joey Jeremiah in "Degrassi Junior High." Please download this video and enjoy!

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