Weight Loss Motivation Tips

weight loss motivation for womenAre you having trouble maintaining weight loss motivation? “Staying motivated is the biggest barrier that most people face when it comes to staying fit and getting into shape.” says Marcus Johnson, trainer at Jackson Fitness Center. The fact is, our society does not encourage a healthy lifestyle, it encourages exactly the opposite. It’s nearly as hard to find time to workout and exercise as it is to find healthy food to eat. If this is the case for you, read on and see how you can make a few small changes to your life to lose weight and get a body you can be proud of.


1. Measure Your Waistline and Watch Your Weight

One of the things that keeps you from having adequate weight loss motivation is the fact that it can be hard to track your results when it comes to weight loss. Make sure you’re stepping on the scale to measure your weight and also measure your waistline once a week. Measuring too often can make you feel discouraged because your body won’t have enough time to change. Also remember to record your measurements so you can see the progress over the long haul. You can take before and after pics of your body too if need more proof of improvement.

2. Counting Calories

weight loss motivation quoteRegardless of what kind of diet you choose to get on, you need to make sure you’re counting the calories you eat. Record everything you eat and how many calories you’re taking in. Also measure the macros you’re getting as well such as carbs, protein, and fat. Getting the right amount of these macros will make a big difference. By writing all of this down it will help you stay organized and you’ll be more likely to do it simply out of routine.

3. The Right Mindset

Trying to lose weight with a specific goal in mind is fine but you should also remember that there is more to staying slim than just reaching that goal. Fitness has to become a life-style of yours, not just a means to an end. When you exercise do it because you respect yourself, not just because you want to have a great body. By respecting yourself you will have the motivation to want to take care of your body not just for looks, but out of a sense of pride in yourself. Having the right mindset is the most thing when it comes to weight loss motivation.