Adonis Golden Ratio: A Program Designed for Men

AGR weight lossThe ideal male physique tends to be outside the reach of the common man. The Adonis Golden Ratio (the “brother” workout program of the Venus Factor) has sought to change that. After a decade of in depth research by a panel of experts, the Ratio was born. Using the classical male shape presented in Greek statuary, the goal is for the man to meet very specific measurements of the body. Research concluded that these measurements would result in the male body transforming into an Adonis-like structure.

The Measurements

To begin, a man needs only measuring tape and a calculator. The Adonis Golden Ratio measurements will include the following:

  • Shoulder to shoulder
  • Circumference of the waist

The shoulder measurement multiplied by 0.447 is the ideal waist measurement of a man of this height. Take the shoulder measurement and divide it by the waist measurement for the ideal ratio between shoulder and waist. The Adonis Golden Ratio is designed to create a V-shape with the waist tapering down from the shoulder to the hips. A combination of the specially designed Adonis workout and diet is meant to help a man achieve the ratio that carves his body into an Adonis.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Program

The premise of the Adonis Golden Ratio is founded upon the belief that the perfect body is imprinted on a man’s DNA, and the regimen provides a man with the tools to shape his body into what it has always been meant to be. Discipline and hard work are the keys to success, but the task is not insurmountable. The further away from their ideal ratio a man is, the more difficult the process can be, but there are tips on what to avoid to make it easier. Avoid the following mistakes:

  • Never start with weight training to lose
  • Do not eat processed foods
  • Don’t bulk up before getting into shape

If a man needs to lose excess pounds before building muscle, then lose the weight first. The end result that he is seeking may be a cut and ripped version of the body he has now, but this won’t happen with loose fat. Diet and exercise to lose weight before working on bulking up. “I had to lose 21 pounds before I was in a place to begin building muscle,” Justin Cox, a fitness trainer from Austin, Texas said. “I now train other guys using the Adonis Golden Ratio.”

Adonis Golden Ratio workout

Venus Factor Diet: A Unique Approach for Women

venus factor videoSo what is the Venus Factor Diet About? The Venus Factor diet does provide a unique approach for women. This is not a generic diet in any way. This will take into consideration each individual need of a woman. This is an actual nutrition plan. The following items are include when this plan begins.

These include:

  • the body type of the woman
  • weight
  • age
  • height
  • guidelines for the food needed daily

This is just a few of the starting items for the Venus factor diet. This truly is a unique approach for women.


There have been some highly positive Venus Factor reviews regarding this diet plan which include:

  • this diet is an entire lifestyle change
  • this provides a nice female body shaping opportunity
  • this is a diet that understands women and their needs

Support is Provided

This plan does hold the belief that a supportive community is helpful for every woman on this diet. There is an online support community included in the plan. This support community is exclusive. The group members for a bond. They encourage an counsel one another online. They also encourage each other to share their experiences. Honesty is encouraged.

Is This Good for Women?

this plan includes a complete diet and fitness program for women. credible health information is provide. this includes:

  • vitamin facts
  • healthy eating
  • body health
  • balance

This is only a sample of the information that is provided to each woman on the plan. this certainly provides exceptional resources and information to each woman on the diet.

A Lot of Talk about the Diet

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the Venus Factor Diet. The buzz has been about the secret of this diet. This diet is unique because it will show a woman how she can control the hormone called leptin. This is a hormone that will allow your body to actually burn fat. The discussion are emerging online. There has been a lot of enthusiasm regarding this diet plan.

A Unique and Remarkable Approach

The Venus Factor diet truly is a unique and remarkable approach for each unique and remarkable woman.

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