How Carb Cycling Can Work

carb cyclingCarb cycling is one of the most popular and important forms of diet programs used by people around the world in the 21st century. Nutritionists and fitness experts from various established medical centers have been discussing the virtues of the alternation of high and low carbohydrates consumption through the use of a dedicated diet plan. Sarah Holt, a nutritionist from the Greenville Health System in South Carolina states, “The cycling of carbs has been of great benefit to many of my patients who are looking to lose weight and build muscle.” By including days off the program and built in rewards the vast majority of those who use carb cycling see results in a short space of time.

There are many benefits to cycling carbs, which can include:

  • An easy program that fits. into the busy lifestyles we all lead
  • he program can be adapted to fit into any lifestyle and used for the remainder of your life.
  • Users are generally given more energy by the foods they eat on this diet.
  • The program encourages the building of muscles.

Unlike many diet and fitness programs the cycling of carbohydrates does not require an individual to eat foods they do not enjoy and is usually based around the inclusion of foods that are already enjoyed.
carb cycling infographic
How to follow this dietary program? The carb cycling plan is an easy one to follow as most diet sheets detail the kinds of foods that are required on a daily basis. Switching between days when foods with a large number of carbohydrates are eaten and those when a low number of carbs are eaten is a simple thing to do when the different types of food are understood. Each morning a high protein breakfast is eaten, which is followed by four small meals of either high or low carb value depending on which diet is being followed. Large amounts of water are substituted for other forms of drinks to maintain the healthy diet plan to create a more successful and powerful body and mind.

Eating the right foods is important with this diet so it is good to understand the difference between protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

  • Protein plays an important role in this diet as it helps burn calories and build lean muscle.
  • Carbs fuel the body and provide individuals with energy, which can be found in healthy items like fruits, vegetables and grains.
  • Healthy fats are another important part of any diet as they help to keep energy levels high and lower hunger cravings throughout the day.